Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hello and welcome to my blog!!!
It's time to keep track of my progress in art.  Currently, I have 2 goals that I would like to pursue:
1. Discover an efficient painting method.
2. Capture the gesture, character and life of my subjects in my artwork.

Process:  This is how I attempt to do this.
a. Focus on one subject matter-Birds.
b. Do master studies of excellent artists who have achieved certain aspects of my goal.
c. Practice gesture drawing using the book "Force" by Michael D. Mattesi as a guide.

Thanks for viewing everyone!!  Feel free to comment anytime on anything!  I really appreciate it!!


  1. Superb work. Love your portraits in charcoal and your bird gestures and studies. Thanks for sharing. You're a very gifted guy.

  2. Thanks!! I appreciate it.
    Do you have a blog or not yet?