Wednesday, January 30, 2019

My process for creating a bird packaging illustration

As a general rule, I like to involve the client as much as possible from beginning to the end.

I start with gesture drawings of the bird, looking for the best poses. I like to read about the bird or study videos so I can find a pose that would best represent its character and personality. I assume that bird owners would connect with this when they see the final packaging.

I take the poses I like and create several black & white compositions showing how it will fit in the layout. If the layout isn’t taken into consideration early, there’s a good chance the impact of art will be lost and the designer will have to put the text on top of the art. In this case, the layout was changed by the end.

Once a compositions is selected, a final drawing is completed. Plus, a simple greyscale and color mockup are sent to the client. After approval, I start the final!

A few times during the rendering stage, I send the client a progress update, letting them know how it’s going, and also letting them request changes if they catch something wrong.

And finally, we have a finished illustration that we can both be proud of!

Thanks for reading! 

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