Sunday, September 6, 2015

Appachen / Grandpa

The earliest memory I have is with my grandpa in his house in India. Him and my grandma raised me most of my early childhood. He was always telling me to straighten up, stand strong, speak with authority. I didn't get it so much then but now I do.

He's endured through a lot in his life. He kept going no matter what. Always keeping faith.

He is now with the Lord. Pain free and young again.

See you again soon appacha. We'll always remember.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gallery Setup for Ithaca Vineyard Church

Just wanted to thank everyone for contributing and helping put together the cafe gallery in the Vineyard. 
Especially Albert Kunz & Rebecca Winkler, for helping set it up on Saturday morning for 5hrs! 

Artists: Rebecca Winkler, Teri Ricklefs, Whitney Ledesma, Bethany LeBlanc, Karen Gunning, 
Josh Swartwood, Dan Alsheimer, and myself.