Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kerala, India: Portrait 1

So many things to update! Let's start with this one since some of you may have seen it from my Facebook posts. Kerala, India is where I grew up. It's been a while since my last visit but every time I see pictures it I'm stunned by how different that place is from America. On the surface all you see are unpaved roads, dirty walls, clothes that look a century old and let's not even talk about the bathrooms. But I know better! I lived half my life there. There's a beauty you can't truly appreciate unless you breathe the same air they do. Each persons's face is written with their life story told through their wrinkles, scars, aged hair, etc. The marks on their arms, the tears on their clothes are all hints on the unique life they live. 

The following is an attempt to render that beauty. I've been painting a series of these as a personal project.  
Photo by Marily Scaria 

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