Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Lamborghini Gallardo

I'm glad to be back at RIT, especially as a senior.  It's already becoming an unforgeable year.  Just being able to see my friends every day, spend time with my girlfriend, and live with my 'bros' for one more year makes this year the most exciting.  When I think about high school senior year, I don't remember myself working on projects for art class at all.  All I remember are the fencing practices and art club meetings and just having fun.  So I should probably try to do more of that.

My arm hasn't changed but I saw Cortland's very best Dr. David Boyland today.  Without a doubt, he says that all of my arm problems are caused by my lower back weakness and that I can avoid surgery if I can strengthen by back.  Of course that was encouraging so I will be implementing his specific training exercises for the next few weeks.  
The following is a product illustration for an advertisement.  This one took a VERY long time, but it taught me a lot about Photoshop painting.  I've always liked long, dragged out, challenging projects.  Those are the ones I improve from the most.   

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