Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Slow Progress

 So today I started with gestures again.  I felt I needed to get into that mindset again.  After doing all these one minute gestures, I just started to see things quicker and apply it faster.  I felt that I had to paint my subject as soon as my eyes experienced it.  For example: When I look at a bird, the first initial second gives me the overall gesture.  So I paint the gesture line.  Then I look again and in another second, I see the next bit of information.  So I put that down and it continues till time runs out.

I then decided to explore my painting method once I was in this mindset .  My goal here is to start with the gesture and then create a full-value painting with that one dark color while still maintaining the overall gesture.  The time limit here is 5mins.   

And then just because I was impatient, I tried a ten minute.  I learned that I need to look into my line and brush stroke confidence.  

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